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About IBMC UAE- INDIA B2B Portal

 As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility and considering the importance of UAE Non-Oil Sector Diversification programme, IBMC Group has launched “IBMC UAE-INDIA B2B PORTAL” to support SME/MSME and upcoming resident companies from UAE and INDIA to upgrade their status from resident company to International company by listing their company with as complimentary.

The portal was launched by H.E. Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Hamed (Chairman IBMC UAE) and Mr. Sajith Kumar (CEO & MD IBMC Global) jointly on 26th January 2016 at Al Bateen Majlis, Abu Dhabi.

After listing at the portal, UAE companies can search for their non-oil sector business partner from 29 states of India, based on the listing from Indian companies at the portal.

After listing at the portal, INDIAN companies can search for their UAE business partner companies from 7 Emirates to support their non-oil sector business requirements.

IBMC UAE- INDIA B2B CENTREBusiness Point of Contacts at UAE and INDIA

Subsequent to the launch of UAE-INDIA B2B PORTAL and in continuation of the efforts to support the domestic SME/MSME companies and large corporates of UAE and INDIA, IBMC Group has launched yet another innovative concept “IBMC UAE-INDIA B2B CENTRE” which is provided as complimentary to INDIA and UAE Business Community.

This initiative shall support the Indian companies which are listed on UAE-INDIA B2B portal and  those who intend to visit UAE to start their business by utilizing IBMC UAE-INDIA B2B CENTRE – Dubai Centre as their ‘point of contact’ until they are able to establish their business in UAE. During the business meetings and discussions, the Indian companies can refer and avail the services of IBMC Dubai Centre as their single point of contact.

In the same way, the UAE Business Class who wants to visit India to start and grow their business, can utilize IBMC UAE-INDIA B2B CENTRE – Kochi Centre as their single point of contact in India till such time they are able to establish their business in India. During the business meetings and discussions, the UAE companies can refer and avail the services of IBMC Kochi Centre as their single point of contact.

We believe this will enable the investors from both countries to have confidence in their counter party and also avail necessary support from IBMC Centres to speed up their expansion process.

Following their return to home country after the business meetings, the UAE and INDIA Business class can re-establish their business talks by communicating their intention to IBMC UAE-INDIA B2B CENTRE locally at DUBAI CENTRE or KOCHI CENTRE. The IBMC Centre shall communicate the intention of the business talk continuation to the respective counterpart as complimentary.

On 22nd January 2017 IBMC UAE-INDIA B2B CENTRE inaugurated at Dubai jointly by H.E. Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Hamed and Mr. Sajith Kumar P K.

This initiative supports UAE and INDIA to start more business from SME/MSME companies and Large Corporates in Non-Oil Sector.

IBMC UAE- INDIA BUSINESS FESTNew Business and Investment Avenues at the Door Steps.

In continuation to the CSR support to UAE and INDIA companies, by launching IBMC UAE-INDIA B2B PORTAL and IBMC UAE-INDIA BUSINESS CENTRE, IBMC group had taken further innovative step to spread awareness of the importance of non-oil sector diversifications across the 7 Emirates of UAE.

Going to the public at each Emirate and educating the non-oil sector diversification advantages was path-breaking initiative from IBMC Group.

Arabic & English Business Speeches, Business Workshops, Industrial Seminars are helping UAE-India business community to interact more closely.

LIVE STREAMING and RECORDED versions of the Seminars at IBMC MEDIA YOUTUBE CHANNEL is empowering Women Entrepreneurship, Youth Entrepreneurship and UAE – India Business Community.

12 hours continuous event at 7 Emirates with 100 + Business Workshops & Industrial Seminars, 100 + International Industry Speakers, B2B Meetings at B2B Lounge, Industry Panel discussions, Investments & Business announcements are specialties of IBMC UAE-INDIA BUSINESS FEST.

On 20th March 2017, H. E. Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Hamed and Mr. Sajith Kumar P K jointly inaugurated the 10 Months long 7 Emirates IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest that started in the year 2017. The next IBMC UAE-INDIA Business Fest 2018 is scheduled from March 2018 to December 2018.

UAE- INDIA B2B Highlights  

  • Get Connected to the Business Opportunities in UAE & India
  • List projects/enquiries in the portal (subject to the approval)
  • On a case to case basis, companies whose projects and enquiries are listed with the portal, will get chance to participate in  B2B events, meetings, B2B workshops & B2B Seminars organised in UAE.
  • For External Business/Service Enquiry, existing listed companies to get priority to make use of the business opportunity subject to ability of execution.
  • Listing LOGO and web site link at UAE-INDIA B2B Portal at India Companies Listing area.

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